UNEXT-FRESH 5 mm, sheet 2030x3050 mm

  • Does not contain
    heavy metals
  • Sufficient mechanical
  • Good sound-
    and heat insulation
  • Does not
    support burning.
  • Harmless for human
    and environment
  • Light weight
  • Sustainabile of the
    different weather
  • Resistance to
    aggressive environments

Properties of foam PVC sheets UNEXT-FRESH:

  • Optimal density
  • Resistance to the environment
  • Matt brightness
  • Versatile surface
  • Homogeneous fine cell structure
  • Consistent thickness

Optimal density of foam PVC sheet UNEXT-FRESH allows to reach the best profit.

Expanded PVC UNEXT-FRESH is perfect for indoor applications.

Versatile satin finish surface of PVC foam boards UNEXT-FRESH doesn’t require additional treatment and allows to use any printing technology.

Light weight PVC UNEXT-FRESH has a good sound attenuation and thermal insulation properties.


PVC foam sheet UNEXT-FRESH has all advantages of light PVC sheets and can be used in wide range of advertising and design:

  • Point of sales
  • Signs
  • Shop-windows and stores
  • Exhibition booths
  • 3D lettering

Technical data:

  • Density: 0,50 g/cm3
  • Shore hardness D: 31
  • Thermal conductivity: 0 – 60 °С
  • Vicat softening temperature: 70 °С
  • Thermal expansion coefficient: 8∙10-5 1/С°.
Economical PVC alternative.

PVC foam sheet UNEXT-FRESH 5x2030x3050 mm